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You know what they say:  "You are who your friends are."  Of course, that's not always true.  But Telework Recruiting,Inc. tries it's best to stay in the best of company at all times!  Below are some publications and web sites that have used our writing, written about us, or just included us in their content as a good resource.
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Fortune Magazine
November 23, 2005, by Anne Fisher
September 15, 2011 , by Anne Fisher
Network World
Telework Recruiting reflects the changing at-home work market.
by Toni Kristner
USA Today
Find legitimate work-from-home opportunities online, by Kim Komando
Active Pro
Net Temps
Innovisions Canada
Quint Careers
American Chronicle
Career Newz
Web Pro News
The Dollar Stretcher
Nice Work If You Can Get It: Web Sites for At-Home Jobs, by Sue Shellenbarger
The Career News
The Dallas Morning News
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International Telework Association
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World Institute on Disability
Canada Law Book
Making Bread Magazine
Job Filer
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" is an extremely well known and very popular database that offers work at home opportunities. You will find work at home opportunities here that are exclusive listings with Additionally you will find a huge frequently updated job database that includes jobs in categories such as writing, real estate, transcription and telemarketing."
--Kathryn Neumeyer,
Yahoo! contributor

And even the Telework Coalition - one of the most important telecommuting sites online - lists TeleworkRecruiting as a viable source for telecommuting job leads...
This site has a one-time membership fee but also does a great job screening listings to assure they keep their site a no scam zone. This site was recommended by someone I have worked with in the past as being one of the better work at home job board sites.
--Linda Cooper
The White Collar Job Site
I have been a member of this site for awhile. I actually got my first hourly-paying work-at-home job through this site. I found my first Virtual Assistant (VA) client through this site, and I still work for the company presently...If you looking for a convenient one stop resource for legitimate work at home jobs, I highly recommend that you check out Telework Recruiting.
-- India Jordan
Virtual Assistant Business