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You know what they say: You are who your friends are. Of course that’s not always true; yet Telework Recruiting,Inc. tries to stay in the best of company at all times. Below are some publications and websites that have used our writing, written about us, or graciously included us in their own content as a resource.

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A few of our articles

Reality Check: What You Should Know About Working from Home (

How Remote Employees Can Help Contact Centers Better Manage Peak Seasons (International Customer Management Institute, 2015)

11 Work from Home Habits That Need to GO! (Twist Office Products, 2015

Hiring Remote Employees? 9 Myths About Teleworkers (Slideshow–International Customer Management Institute, 2015)

Don’t Let Working from Home Ruin Your Health! Part I (ICUC Moderation, 2015)

Tips to help teleworkers prevent telecommuting health issues, Part 2 (ICUC Moderation, 2015)

Working With Remote Employees  (International Customer Management Institute, 2014)

5 Companies for Techies Who Want to Telework  (LinkedIn, 2014)

How To Keep Remote Workers Close (The Undercover Recruiter, 2014)

18 Companies for People Who Love To… (LinkedIn, 2014)

The Complete Guide to Mastering Your Video Interview  (, 2014)

Teleworking When Children Are Home On Holiday Break (LinkedIn, 2014)

How Do I Become A Virtual Call Center Agent?  (, 2014)

Working from Home: Is it Really Worth It?  (, 2014)

Top Online Sources for Finding Telecommuting Employment  (, 2004)

Finding Telecommuting Employment  (, 2013)

Breaking In As a Telecommuter  (The Career News, 2005)

Reading Past the Hype (Dollar Stretcher, 2003)

Survey Says: Telecommuting Ranks High On Job Seekers’ List (QuintCareers, 2000)


Media Interviews or Mentions

How to tell a real work-at-home job offer from a scam (

“Work at Home”: All Work and No Playdough (9 Lives for Women)

Guess who’s working from home. It’s not who you think (Fiscal Times)

Money Quick Tips: Work at home opportunities (USAToday)

6 Things You Should Know About Telecommuting: Top advice on what to expect when working from home (Working Mother)

Want to Work From Home? Maybe You Can (Fortune)

Telework Recruiting reflects the changing at-home work market (Network World)

Insider Interview #4: Pamela La Gioia (Call Center Weekly)

Find legitimate work-from-home opportunities online (USAToday)

Yes, legitimate work-at-home jobs do exist (Fortune)

Nice Work If You Can Get It: Web Sites for At-Home Jobs (Wall Street Journal)

Six Great Ways to Make Money Online (Fox News)

What it takes to telecommute, or manage people who do (Fortune)

Telecommuting Can Turn Hourly Staff Into Bosses (Rutland Herald)

5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online (Kabir News)



Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement, by Nancy Collamer (Book)

The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook, by Pat Ennis, Dorothy Kelley Patterson (Book)

Educational & Government Organizations

Teleworking in Governmental Organizations, Infrastructures, Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleworking in Iran (Journal of American Science)

Working Virtually: The 21st Century Workplace  (DeAnza College)


Press Releases

October 23, 2015 Older Professionals Still the Majority of Remote Workers–but Their Skills Are Underused

October 9, 2015 New Website for Telecommuting Job Seekers (HostingCT)

October 11, 2004 Telecommuting Ranks High on Job Seekers’ Lists (PRWeb)

July 4, 2003 New Partnership Makes Creating Virtual “Call Centers” A Breeze (PRWeb)


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