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How To Make Good Money As A Remote Accountant

July 24, 2018 | By | 1,640 Replies More

remote accountant



Technology has made it smooth sailing for many accountants to work from home. Because of this, entire accounting firms have closed their brick and mortar doors and gone virtual; and new virtual businesses are sprouting up everywhere.



I often see this question around the internet: Can I work as a remote accountant? The answer is: Yes.


Technology has made it smooth sailing for many accountants to work from home. Because of this, entire accounting firms have closed their brick and mortar doors and gone virtual; and new virtual businesses are sprouting up throughout the United States, the UK and Canada. A drawback to these virtual accounting firms is that they are tiny. As in one to five people small. While being small sized is great for virtual business owners and their clients, it’s still difficult for accountants wanting to land a job with them, as job openings are few.


So how can accountants work from home without having to embark on an entire business venture? The two best ways I suggest are 1) to become a freelance accountant and market your services to both virtual and brick and mortar accounting businesses; or 2) get a job with a well-established virtual firm that is growing and seeking to enlarge its staff.



Most accountants know taxes are seasonal. This is a golden opportunity for freelancers to approach brick and mortar companies of any size for work. Intuit, for example, is a huge company, but still contracts work to outside accountants during peak seasons. Further, large companies, such as Intuit , maintain job boards that make it easy to find out what their needs are.


Smaller “mom and pop” brick and mortar accounting firms also contract overflow to outside accountants. To demonstrate, Blackslate is a small tax firm, with a healthy volume of regular clients. But during peak times they know using an outside contractor is much smarter than turning away work! This is when they reach out for temporary help. But, unlike the larger Intuit, Blackslate doesn’t keep a job board to post their hiring needs. Instead they reach out to candidates through other sources, such as a staffing agency. Unlike larger companies, these smaller companies want the people they sub out work to to live in the vicinity of their company.


So, doing freelance accounting work is a practical choice. Start by applying with the larger companies while researching smaller firms local to you.



Work for a Virtual Accounting Firm

Working with virtual firms is even trickier than finding small brick and mortar companies to work for. But the good news is that these companies are growing. And because their website is their “storefront” they tend post their work needs on their sites, and other places, making them easier to find them through search engines. Also, these companies don’t always need you to be local to them.



What are ways accountants can work from home?

While you could work almost any accounting position from home, some positions are more common than others. Below are a few of the most frequent job titles I’ve found.



“[I]n a smaller company, the Controller might be equivalent to a CFO, in larger companies the Controller is the expert manager making sure that the work in billing, budgeting, tax preparation, and more gets done.”  ( )


Companies such as hire experienced virtual controllers “who will be responsible for managing the activities of several bookkeepers and providing controllership services to our clients. The Controller should be a self-motivated individual who can provide superior and responsive professional services for clients on a telecommuting basis. This is a key management position that reports directly to the managing partners.” is another accounting firm seeking experienced remote controllers to “review management reports and analysis utilizing our streamlined, web-based tools and procedures for a small group of our dynamic, small business customers.”


Tax Accountant

According to, “The specialty area of tax accounting encompasses services that range from the simple preparation of individual returns to highly complex tax planning services for multinational corporations.”


Green Company is looking to add “CPAs at all staff levels in our thriving trader tax practice area. These jobs primarily entail tax compliance/preparation and reviews for business retail traders, proprietary traders, advisors, investors (all around the country) and non-traders, too.”



Enrolled Agents

Taxes are at the heart of many accountants’ job, but an Enrolled Agent (EA) “is a federally authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service.”


BaldwinAccounting is one such company that hires experienced tax accountants to serve their clients in the Florida area. Business Financial Solutions seeks Enrolled Agents to “assist clients in working with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) matters and State tax entities,” in Maryland or Virginia.


Likewise, Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living overseas, and is seeking specialized EAs to help them serve their expat clients.


Accounting Administrator

According to, “An accounting administrator is responsible for completing duties in the areas of management, accounting, tax preparation, and financial planning services. Accounting administrators are business professionals with a knack for understanding the planning and organization within a corporation.”


Under this category, there are different types of Administrators. For example, BlueRidge Esop Associates is looking for an Associate Administrator, a 401K Administrator, and an ESOP Administrator, each which have options to work from home.


Full-Charge Bookkeepers or Specialists

Not to be confused with clerks, Accountant Bookkeepers or Specialists offer a deeper service to their clients, such as report writing, and have a broader understanding about the world of finance. Consultance Accounting, for example, seeks an Accounting Specialist with a “demonstrated responsibility for successfully handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and month-end closing services, as well as other accounting-related functions using applications such as QuickBooks,, Hubdoc, Aero, etc.”



Balancing it out

Whether working for someone else or as a freelancer there are many options for remote accountants to earn good money. If you want to pick up a company’s seasonal overflow, sign on with several smaller companies to help them manage their clients’ books, or join a virtual accounting firm, there are opportunities for you to put your accounting degree and experience to good use from the comfort of your home.



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